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Tax Saving

We strongly believe that taxation can play a major role in tax implication on your portfolio. A better tax planned investment always gives superior return over long periods of time. We assist in drafting of a strategy and comprehensive financial plan which help in better tax planning. At first, we will understand from you the time horizon of the investments and accordingly guide you to a suitable investment product. We will understand the nature of transactions conducted by you and accordingly devise a strategy which best suit your risk appetite.



Deductions under Chapter VI (sec 80C to 80U)

80C EPF, PPF, NSC, Children's Tuition Fee, Insurance Premium, Deduction under Pension scheme, Housing loan principal repayment, ELSS Rs. 1,50,000
80CCD NPS (National Pension Scheme) Rs. 50,000
80CCG RGESS (Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme) Least of 50% of amount invested or Rs. 25,000
80D Payment towards Medical Insurance Premium Rs. 25,000 for self,spouse and children & Rs.30,000 for Parents
80D Medical treatment for handicapped dependents  
80DDB Medical for specified diseases  
80E Education Loan Interest Repayment  
80G Donation to approved fund and charities  
80GG Rent deduction only if HRA not received  
80TTA Saving interest  
80U Deduction for permanent disability  
87A Rebate of Rs.2000 for individual havin total income Upto Rs.500000 2000
80QQB Royalty  



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